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Maggie's Story by Karen Rue
Janet's Story by Judy Emmert
There Will Always be Smiling Blue Skies by Suzi Beber
Catherine and Hershey, English Springer Spaniel by Judy Emmert

Can a Horse be a Therapist:

Can a Horse be a Therapist by Wendy Golding

They call it serendipity that magical occurrence when you make a delightful discovery
by accident. For me the accident was literal a serious fall and the discovery that was
Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) now one of my life’s Passions.
To learn more please go to: Horse Spirit Connections



Reiki Relieves Vacation Stress For Animal Companions:

Reiki Relieves Vacation Stress For Animal Companions by Elaine Turner

Pawsitive Connections Animal Reiki Chakra Poster
20" x 30" beautiful colour poster clearly showing the names and locations of the nine
major Chakras in animals. Excellent teaching and reference tool for holistic teachers
and practitioners.To learn more go to:

Animal Reiki Sessions
Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that promotes relaxation and stress reduction,
and therefore assists in healing. Animals are very open to receiving Reiki and benefit
greatly from this wonderful energy.
To learn more please go to:


Be A Hero in Your Pet's Eyes Without Making These Common Errors
By Dr. Karen Becker

They're popular for training and affection. But watch out for these mistakes that can make your pet sick or obese. Five tips for being a hero to your...



Cats and Dogs, Upon Meeting Each Other...

Dogs are from Venus, cats are from Mars... or maybe it's the other way around!

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"The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Resource Centre"

The most comprehensive on-line canine cancer information centre in Canada .
Recipient of the Golden Retriever Club of Canada Silmaril Kennel Trophy, for the human/animal bond.
Home of Smiling Blue Skies Ceramics and Limited Edition Gifts.
ALL proceeds to canine cancer treatment and research.
University of Guelph , Ontario : Pet Trust: In Memory of Blues

Suzi Beber



Dog we Love:

At "Dogs We Love" we make and to you, fresh food for dogs....daily. You spend your money on quality, local ingredients... not advertising , packaging and reseller (pet store) mark-ups.

It shows in our customers - the 4-legged ones - with improved appetites, energy levels, coats and general health.
tel: 519-940-3598



Online Pet Supply Store in Canada

What better way to play with your canine friend than with some of our delightful dog toys? Dog Toys of all shapes and sizes for your dogs. We carry a wide selection of playtime tools that range from ropes and balls to frisbees and squeakers. You and puppy will enjoy hours of fun with our coolest and best dog toys including a puzzle dog toy designed exclusively for your puppy.
tel: 403-539-1118







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