We are living in amazing times! Change is all around us and
I don't believe anyone is or will be untouched by it –
In a time of turmoil, a pathway to peace – Neale Donald Walsch

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This is to inform you that Thermography Clinic Mississauga West had moved to a NEW LOCATION
All your records and exam information remains with our clinic. Your follow up exams will be conducted with the same technician in the customary manner.
To show our appreciation for your business,
we would like to offer you a $ 25 DISCOUNT coupon towards your next Thermography exam. You may also share that coupon offer with your family and friends.
See attached PDF file for a printable coupon.

Our new main address is:
130 Dundas St East Suite # 305,
Mississauga, ON, L5A 3V8
(At Dr. Orest Szczurko’s office,
at Dundas St. and Hurontario St.
Just a bit north where we were previously)

This move will not affect those of you who are patients of other locations, (in Toronto, in Brampton, the Beaches) than the Mississauga clinic; these locations will remain to operate the same as before.

We are looking forward to see you again!

Kindest Regards,
Edit Parker
Thermography Clinic, Mississauga West Inc.
Clinical Consultant & Thermography Technician, CTT






David Suzuki, iconic Canadian scientist, educator, broadcaster and activist delivers a 'last lecture' -- what he describes as "a distillation of my life and thoughts, my legacy, what I want to say before I die".
Filmed before a live audience, in front of a memory box of moving, distilled images, he articulates a core, urgent message: we have exhausted the limits of the biosphere and it is imperative that we re-think our relationship with the natural world. Suzuki looks unflinchingly at the strains on our interconnected web of life -- and out of our dire present circumstances, he offers up a blueprint for sustainability and survival.
The film interweaves the lecture with scenes from the places and events in Suzuki's life. As such, the film is a biography of ideas -- forged by the major social, scientific, cultural and political events of the past 70 years.




Journey to Lake Baikal in Siberia

As you are reading this Kevin and I have started our journey to Lake Baikal in Siberia . I’m writing this while in the air above the Pacific en route to Beijing , and ultimately onto Irkutsk , Russia and the start of our expedition. We’ll be starting our 650+ km run across Lake Baikal on March 1st where we hope to run an average of between 60 and 70 kms per day unsupported across the frozen surface of the oldest, deepest lake in the world. Unsupported means exactly as it sounds-no outside support -with all of our gear and food being dragged behind us in our sleds. We will communicate daily with over 8000 students from around the world through both a live, interactive website, and by live video-stream conferencing into classrooms all thanks to our use of a BGAN satellite system. Our teammates will inspire us daily from their classrooms by sharing their stories of fundraising efforts for water projects in Africa which are part of the Extraordinary Acts component of this project ! Details are on www.siberianx.com We hope you will join us and follow along with this live website !
website: www.rayzahab.com




Head To Toe Care For Your Body
Workshops That Bring Out The Best In You, Brought To You By Mitrea Pilates Center
Find the freedom, energy and zest for life you deserve by learning how to change
for the better. Age and environment don’t have to dictate how much pain you
are in or how limited your life has to be.

Upcoming 2010 Seminars- Every third Monday, 7:15pm – 8:45pm
September 20 - How to Say Goodbye To Creaking – Knees
October 18 - Find Solid Footing You Can Count On – Feet
November 8 - tretch Your Way To Health – Myofascial Stretching
November 29 - Return To Your Youthful Spine – ELDOA
December 20 - Rekindle Your Zest For Moving Your Best – Pilates Mat Work

Bring: Comfortable clothes for practicing Pilates movements
Tel: 416.487.3464
Website: www.pilates-center.com
Address: 124 Merton Street, Suite 202, Toronto – Google Map


The day regulators become corporate pawns is when we are in trouble.

Folks—we are in trouble and we cannot not just sit back and let this go on. We rallied together and stopped Bill C-51.  Now we must be vigilant and stop Bill C-6. Rumor has it that they will soon re introduce Bill C-6.

 Please watch the trailer for the new movie soon to be released, which exposes the Health Canada abuses and Bill C-6 issues. Very shocking.! You would think we lived in Nazi Germany and it will only get worse if we don’t stand up for our rights now.




"The Age of Stupid" - Is the Future of Film - Coming Soon, Stay Tune!!

"The Age of the Stupid" is one of the most important films of the year (perhaps decade) While this film is about the collective future of humanity, this film is equally or more important because it represents the future of film, film culture and film distribution and marketing read more

If you would like to book a screening with Nikole Bélanger for this movie, please send us an email at: info@winwithresults.ca



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