Here is what our premier has done for Ontario in the past seven years!!!!!!
Meeting Demand For Gluten-Free Flour Alternatives
The day regulators become corporate pawns is when we are in trouble
Russia Sends Forces into Georgian Rebel Conflict
Canadian Rights And Freedoms Are At Risk
An Important Notice Regarding Bill C-51
Check out these websites. They are very informative.
Bill C51 Another Unnecessary Bill for Canadians
Send a letter about Bill C51 to Health Minister
Send a letter about Bill C51 to Prime Minister
Send a letter about Bill C51 to House of Commons
"Access Denied" - Health Canada's Future Label for Natural Health Products
Ontario Canada Bill 171: Regulation Naturopathy & Homeopathy
Requirement for Cancer Vaccine for Girls
Bill 602P E-mail Charges Proposed by Canada Post
In Case of Emergency "ICE" Phone Numbers
Canada 10th on "world happiness map"
*677 OPP Dispatch
Red Light Camera Placement
Doctors and Death
CANADA New "BILL 2" Health care will never be the same!!!

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